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Liz had one wish–to be normal like any other 19-year-old. Sleep off the latest hangover in class, pray for a quiz-free day, then kick off a night of festivities starting with shots of tequila at a low-rent college bar with friends.  What it is not, is starring in her own life-time movie in 18th century France while she sleeps. The only perk of these nighttime dramas is the hot guy that shows up in the most delicious ways. Not only are her days filled with fantasies of Michel but her art history professor, who strangely looks like his pale twin, seems to be a little too interested. What’s a girl to do but avoid and deny the coincidences?

Dr. Michael Marcheon, otherwise known as Mr. Sexilious by his devoted groupies, is the campus crush and a 200-year-old monstrous vampire of legend. His days are filled with an endless parade of clueless students just a fang away from a premature graduation. He’s tortured by his past, unable to reconcile his humanity with the horror of what he has become and the singular love he lost to the dust of eternity. But then he sees her, this snarky college student sitting in the fifth row of his class who has an uncanny resemblance to his beloved. His world is upended and new horrors threaten … the fear of her murder by his own hand and an old enemy that is closing in, leading him most certainly to his final death … and hers.